Creative communications consultant


Communication begins with trust. from the first moment you will be given the chance to trust others and yourself in a creative and supportive atmosphere.

keeping things casual

The comfort of learning by filling out a book and reading vocabulary is deceiving. Find ways to be motivated and improve while being self-reliant. It's not enough just to commit half-way. Not losing something is a matter of how hard to try to keep it. this mentality is key to the success of learning a language.

Mark Neufeld takes an original approach using his native tongue, experience in all forms of ESL teaching and most importantly his love of acting. Using these skills will help you set your goals and achieve them with ease.

passive isn't the answer
finding your own way.




Do you need to improve your English for one of the following reasons ?

1) Advancing in your current job.

2) Increase your communications portfolio with 

     international companies/customers.

3) To travel with more ease and comfort.

4) To corrrespond with family or friends abroad.

5) Because you have a natural drive to learn

     languages and meet likeminded people.

Then please consider a more effective and unique training to improve your English needs with Mark Neufeld, Freelance ESL Trainer.